Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Woman Said To Me "I Have This Big Chest"

The woman said "I have this big chest I want you to handle for me", when I answered the phone at work. In my line of work, I get all kinds of funny and unusual sayings or questions. I do furniture stripping, refinishing and paint removal on just about anything, so I get all kinds of crazy things said to me. I wanted to say to the woman on the phone some kind of off color come back, but I bit my tongue and listened to her describe her chest of drawers she wanted me to strip for her.

One day I get this call to come out to give an estimate on a tall poster bed. I was met at the door by the woman of the house. She said, I want you to refinish my bed, but there is something else I need you to do for me. Please what ever you do, get those damn handcuffs locked on the posters off and get rid of them. I lost the key and can't get them off. I get tired of having company come to the house and having to hide the cuffs under something I hang on the posters. The good news is, I made a key for the cuffs and I have them to this day.

Since the name of my business has the word Stripper in it, I get all kinds of calls from guys wanting a stripper for a party. Sometimes people call and I play along with them because they are putting me on. I had a call from this guy that wanted a stripper and I told him, sorry the girls are all booked up. There was a pause, then he said how about some guys then. Again, I had to tell him they were all busy. Before he hung up, he blurted out that this city must be sex crazy, I can't find anybody. Young women are always calling for a Stripper. When I explain to them that I do furniture they have a good laugh and go on their merry chase for the kind of Stripper they are looking for.

Another time going to a customer's home to pick up furniture the wife and husband got into an argument about having the furniture refinished. The wife wanted it done and the husband didn't so he was making all kinds of excuses not to have it done. She said to him, I love this furniture and the cost of doing it is much less then buying new crap. He started to come back with a answer when she yelled out, I'm getting it done and if you keep yelling like that, I won't buy you that new car you want. You can go out and get a job and buy your own car. We hauled out the furniture and when we returned with it, the husband had his car, and even complimented us about how nice the furniture looked. You just never know!

Lots of other things happened, but that will be another post.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A 15 Minute Blizzard

Yesterday I was fishing on the Susquehanna River at 6:30 a.m. Yep, I got up extra early and headed to the Susky which is about a one hour drive. About 9 o'clock the wind picked up and it was getting darker. WTF, I am standing on the shore and all of a sudden was enveloped by a heavy snow. It lasted about 15 minutes at its worst point, then just flurries. The Sun was peeking though the clouds and everything was good again.

It was kind of weird, because I was not expecting the snow. I actually enjoyed it while it was at its worst. After clearing up and the Sun came out, I could hear the Geese above me. I looked up and in a very large V formation I saw about 75 Geese. The honking noise they made was music to my ears. A little later, I watched as a very larger bird with a wide wingspan was catching the wind and just floating on the waves of air. It started to flap its wings and made its way toward me. It caught a draft of wind just above me and I could see that it was an Eagle. My camera was in my Van, so I missed a good opportunity to get some photos of the Eagle.

Earlier as I was driving to the River, there along side of the road in a small pasture was about 25 Deer. They all turned to look at me to see what I was going to do. I just slowed down and went upon my way and they went back to grazing.

No, I didn't catch any fish, but the wildlife was more than enough to make this trip worthwhile.
It was a good day to just get out and around the nature.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Update

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman to be married in Nashville.,,2-2006120084,00.html

This information, courtesy of Frank Strovel's Left Of The Dial in Tennessee. It seems that this marriage attracts people from all over the world. I am interested because I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Keith Urban on a flight from Baltimore to Nashville a few years ago. Then getting to see him perform that same day. It was plain old good luck that this happened. Since then Urban has shot to stardom and the rest is history. It didn't hurt that Nicole Kidman was in Baltimore recently, and very visible, while shooting her latest movie.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring Is Near And Fishing Is In The Air

Yesterday I headed to Bass Pro Shop at the Arundel Mills Mall. I picked up my fishing license and a new pair of Chest High Waders. I usually have my fishing license in January so I am late in getting it. This nice warm weather has me wanting to get on the water to wet a line. I know there will be more cold weather ahead, but that is something I can dress warm for.

The Shad fishing on the Susquehanna River will be starting in a few weeks and I should be there for the next couple of months catching those baby Tarpon like fish. They hit hard and jump high out of the water when hooked, truly a fun fish to catch. They range in size from a couple of pounds up to 8 lbs. At this time they are catch and release, which is fine with me.

When fishing the Susky this time of the year you don't know what kind of fish you will catch. It is the major spawning grounds for many of the species found in the Chesapeake and surrounding rivers. The Striped Bass, known here as Rock Fish, use the Susky as a spawning ground and in the springtime the river is loaded with large fish. They are closed to fishing at this time until they spawn and return to the Bay. Every year when catching the Shad, it is not unusual to have a nice size Shad on the end of your line and while bringing it in, a very large Striper will grab it and get it off of your line. These Stripers are big, 30 to 40 lbs. If they get the hook in their mouth say goodbye to your line. Most of the time they just grab your 2 or 3 lb Shad and tear it off and go their merry way. While it is fun to see this happen I rather just to be catching the Shad.

I mentioned about other fish being in the Susky. You can catch just about any fish at any time while fishing for Shad. Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass, very large Catfish ( ummm good eating), Perch, Crappie, Pike, Herring and Walleyes. You never know what you will bring in. Oh yeah, very large Carp if you like catching those bruisers.

It is less than an hour's drive for me to get to the Susky and fish. Getting there when the sun comes up is a great feeling. Seeing the Sun rise on the water just makes things feel right.

I also fish the Loch Raven Reservoir. I have a small reservoir boat with an electric motor to get me from one end of the lake to the other. Here again the fishing is good and it is only 10 minutes from my house. I get a permit for the season, so I just haul my boat to the lake and drop it in and start to fish. I like catching the Toothy Critters in Loch Raven. The Pickerel and Great Northern Pike. We have caught the Northerns up to 17 lbs. I have seen the State record Northern Pike swimming around in Loch Raven. One day I will pull the record Pike out of there.

The Bass fishing is very good, for both Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass. My largest Bass coming out of Loch Raven is just over 6 lbs. Some days if the fishing is slow, just cruising around in my boat looking at the Deer, Beavers, Geese and yes Eagles is all one needs to have a great day. With an electric motor you don't go very fast so you get to see the wildlife up close.

Fishing is not always about catching, but just enjoying being on the water. Loch Raven is close by, but you feel like you are in a remote area.

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