Monday, January 15, 2007

Now, Back To What Really Matters

Now that this football mess is over, it is time to get my thoughts back to what really matters, fishing. There are a couple of shows I want to attend in the next few weeks. One is the Eastern Sports and outdoor Show in Harrisburg Pa. It is too much to see in one day if you like hunting as well. Last year I couldn't attend. It snowed here and we had 27" of snow in our driveway during the show. It kept me busy at home. next show I want to attend is The Baltimore Boat Show. I am still kicking around the idea of getting another boat. I want to keep it under 20', easy to handle and trailer. I will just be kicking some tires at this time. have the last of January and the first part of February covered. The weather here in Maryland has been very mild with temps in the upper 60's, but a cold front is moving in tomorrow. So far we have been having a very mild winter and that is fine with me.


At 6:13 PM, Blogger verity said...

I know it's seasonal today but I think it's too cold. I've been spoiled. :(


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