Monday, January 08, 2007

Comcast Is Coming To My House Today

This time it is a pleasurable visit, I hope. I just bought a new flat screen Sony Hi Def Television. It is a 46 inch LCD Bravia 1080 p. Comcast will be here between 1 and 5 p.m. to set it up and getting it running. The TV that the Sony is replacing is a 15 year old 32" RCA. It has been a great TV and I had added surround sound to it some years ago. I had the windows shaking with that system.

I figured a year or so ago that it would finally give up the ghost and I could get the new flat screen. Nope, it didn't. It still plays as good as it did when new. I will just use it in another room. I began looking and doing the research on the Hi Def's last year. One of the first things I decided was that it will be an LCD instead of a Plasma. I just prefer the LCD. The Plasma's have just as good a picture. I just didn't like the reflection of any light or back ground light showing up in the Plasma's front glass producing a glare. The LCD's don't have that reflection, because there is no glass covering the front screen like the Plasma's have.

I also chose to get the 1080 p definition so when they all change over to the higher 1080 p later, I will have it already. The 764 definition they all have now gives the same good quality picture as the 1080 p. When all the stations and most movies start having 1080 p I will be have it already. This does not mean that the DVD's that don't have 1080 p won't play well. It probably will be hard to discern the difference.

The only place around that had the 46 incher was Sam's Club. That is a good thing as they are usually less money than the other stores. The price of these flat screens of all kinds have come down considerably in the last 7 months. My good. I have been on line and to all the stores that sell them. Circuit City, Best Buy and the other stores didn't even offer a 46" screen in my model. I could get a 40" or 42" but not the 46" which I wanted. The 46" Sony fits perfectly in my large antique entertainment cabinet. The cabinet was made about 1840 and I converted it into an entertainment cabinet with out hurting the integrity this beautiful old antique.

I was almost going to get the TV just before Christmas, but held off. Good thing I did, it dropped down just over $200 in price after Jan 1st. Happy New Year to me! I hauled it home and my daughter Allison and I brought it in. That is when I called Comcast, and today was the soonest they could get here to set it up. I missed the playoff games this weekend, but it will be up and running for next weekend. Of course I will be at M&T Stadium for the Ravens/Colts game.


At 1:37 PM, Blogger Summer said...

Oh, congrats!!! You're going to love it!!! I'm so hooked on HD now that I can't even bear to watch the older tvs in the house. While watching a football game with my fiance, we both commented on how clear it was and I said "It look better on tv than it does in person!" He agreed! It's "better than being there". ENJOY!!!

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous JJT said...

Enjoy the HD goodness, but also begin to detest the craptastic interface Comcast has with their DVR functionality (if you are getting that box).

I am jealous of the HD, though. All in due time at some point for me. ;-)

At 3:24 PM, Blogger danielle said...

How exciting. My boyfriend's roommate is probably buying a house (he finds out today if his contract was accepted) and will be taking his wide screen tv with him. So, Harry may have some shopping to do soon. The details on your purchase are helpful.


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